How to Use the MUST Products and Their Databases

The MUST patent pending system relies on the use of a container label bearing a special symbol and a QR code. The symbol indicates that a container is reusable using the processes & tools available on the MUST system. The QR code allows a quick and easy access to information on the system database.

Takeout food businesses can either buy labels to put on the containers of their choice, or buy pre-labelled containers that we gradually introduce to the market based on a proven efficiency, economy and environmental sustainability.

A quick scan of the QR code on a MUST label with the camera of a mobile device (cell phone, tablet…) will allow public access to a variety of information related to the reusable container where the label is attached to.

  • Deposit amount and the refund process
  • Valuable information related to the takeout food
  • Container material, reused-cycles count, and information for material recycling 

How much is the deposit amount for a specific container? (Determined by the restaurant) 

Where and when customers have to return the container for a refund? (Determined by the restaurant)

A customer also has the option of keeping a container for their private use instead of returning it for reuse by keeping the container pass the specified deadline.

Information that improves customer satisfaction of a takeout food includes:

  • How to best prepare, serve, and/or preserve a takeout food?
  • Any health related warning that the consumer needs to be made aware of?
  • What is the typical nutritional value per serving for a particular takeout food?

The above information for each menu items need to be prepared by the restaurant for inclusion on the MUST database.  Once made available online, the selection of a food item on the takeout menu during processing of a deposit, will attach the above information to a reusable container.

  • The container material indicates the exact type of material used in the manufacturing of a container.
  • A reused-cycle counter keeps track of the number of cycles that each container reaches at any point in time. With this tool, takeout food businesses can rank the reusability of different types of containers, including an evaluation of some current single-use containers.
  • The distribution and manufacturing sources for each container will be stored on the MUST database, so that and end-of-life container can be returned uncontaminated directly to the correct This ensures the right and best quality of feedstock material during recycling.

How To Prepare for the Best Implementation of the MUST System?

Unique reusable container ID’s, QR codes and labels will be generated as per your order.  The container’s records will be prepared on the database, ready for further data input from you.  A list of system tools will be created to assist you in your implementation of the reusable container system. 

  • For self-printed or pre-printed MUST labels, attach them to the side wall of the container of your choice, this way the QR codes will be accessible for scanning with a cell phone or a mobile device.
  • MUST containers will come with container ID and QR code installed or printed on the wall of the containers.
  • A unique restaurant ID for your business: This is for the registration of authorized users (using link #1 below) allowing them to process deposit/refund on your behalf.  There is no limit on the number of authorized users that can be registered by a business.
  • Link #1 is for registration of authorized users, which allows restaurant employees to login with their email and password, and process container’s deposit/refund transactions on behalf of your restaurant.
  • Link #2 is for adding or editing your data to the container database that serves your restaurant.
  • Link #3 is for submitting detailed information about each food item on your takeout menu.

The required information to register a user includes:

  • Your unique restaurant ID (see system tools)
  • an email address (unique email for each registration)
  • a specified “fair strength” password
  • a successful CAPTCHA test (preventing the registration by a robots)

There is no limit on the number of authorized users that a restaurant can register.

  • Click on link #2 provided on the system tools and login into the system using your registered email and password (the authorized access will stay activated for 2 hours after your first login).
  • A list of all containers belonging to your restaurant will be listed with some key information. Click “Edit” to add or edit the key information for each container (options are available for removing a container record from your list or uploading a picture of the container, Jpeg file format is preferred with a maximum size of 50 MB). Click “UPDATE” (to save the updated information) or “CANCEL” to get out of the editing mode.
  • Click “View Details” to display and edit the additional details for the selected container. Click UPDATE (to save the updated information) or “BACK” to go back to the list of all containers.

Use Link #3 to submit detailed information about each food item on your takeout menu.  Your submission will be reviewed before publishing on our database for customer usage.  Although this is not required for the initial implementation of your reusable containers, it is highly recommended that you take time to provide this information since it has been highly appreciated by many takeout customers.

  • Position the camera of a cell phone (or a mobile device) so that it automatically scans the QR code on the container label, click on the pop up link to access the published information about the scanned container.
  • Select “More details about the Menu item“ to access information about the takeout food currently contained inside the container (i.e. preparation/ serving/ preserving instructions, health related warning and typical nutritional value).
  • Position the camera of a mobile device so that it automatically scans the QR code on the container label, click on the pop up link to access the container information.
  • Click “to process DEPOSIT or REFUND” and login into the system with your registered email and password (this authorized access will stay activated for 2 hours after your first login).
  • Select the “Deposit” or “Refund” button to specify the nature of the current transaction.
  • Select the takeout item on your menu to attach the information about the takeout food to the scanned container.
  • Click UPDATE to update the container’s information (the date & time of the current transaction will be automatically stamped along with your username email).

Implementation of the MUST system is simple. However, services are made available to:

  • Get you started fast in order to benefit from the implementation of the system in the shortest amount of time,
  • Give you some initial guidance in the implementation of the system, or
  • Let you concentrate on the running your food takeout business.
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