Through collaboration and innovation we will chart the course for a healthier and more sustainable future of our planet

Mission Statement

Develop and implement new systems technologies to facilitate a change in public behaviour required for waste reduction, and protection of limited resources and the environment.

Our Company

MUST Technologies Ltd. is a non-distributing corporation located in the GTA of Ontario Canada.  Since incorporated in 2001 we have served several Canadian industries in the planning and execution of engineering projects, in research and development, and in the protection of Intellectual Properties.  Since 2019 we follow a new vision and mission statement and shift our focus toward the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Our Current Focus, How Does It Come About?

Since the first Earth Day that takes place in 1970 at thousands of locations across the US, it takes over 50 years for human kind to gather enough convincing information about the devastating impacts that some technologies and products have inflicted on the environment.
  Recent youth movements all around the world call for changes in the way we live.  Our participation to the 2019 rally in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada set the stage for our current R&D focus and the MUST Reusable Container is one of the solutions created with this new vision.

Our Team

Information will be constantly updated as we are adding new members to our team to serve you better. (Editing in progress)

Truc Tran-Ngoc

President & Co-Founder

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